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Living Nativity

Volunteers from our church, other local churches and the community play parts and contribute time to presenting this community event.

Staffing Food Pantry
Make-Ahead-Meals for others needing  
  comfort food
Staffing Angel Store
Free-For-All Clothing Give-Away
Christmas Shoeboxes
Supporting local and global ministries


Welcoming to our church and Going Outside Our Doors Serving

Flower planting 2019.jpg

Sewing Group

Working on projects for the church and for missions!

Bible Studies

An important way to grow in faith

Check our Events Page for current classes. Studies are on Wednesdays and or Sundays. 

Youth Group
Sunday School
Children's Message with Noisy Buckets
JuJitsu meets at the church twice a week!

JuJitsu and Women's Self-Defense Classes
Children & adult classes with reasonable prices. A ministry to the community. The self-defense classes have valuable information and provide an opportunity to try many various techniques.  It also promotes awareness of dangerous situations.


Free Prizes, Popcorn and Fun! No Charge and fun for the whole family. Every second Tuesday (summers off).

Special Music for Worship

Our Kitchen Crews experience fellowship in serving.

Women's Group
Serving Others

Sewing Classes

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