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The Day at the Sea of Galilee

Let's see if this is any better today!

Today was even more of a blur.We started out at the museum with a boat found in the sea of Galilee that would have been from about the time of Christ.

After that, we got on a boat and cruised to the center of the Sea of Galilee and had worship. Then we cruised around the portion of the lake Jesus would have been at the most during his ministry.

Then we went to the site of the Beatitudes. Amazingly, it is a natural amphitheater. There is an eight sided church with each side representing one of the beatitudes.

Next stop was Korazim, a place Jesus cursed. It was destroyed by an earthquake in 749 AD. It is now a site of excavation exposing a synagogue, some homes and a room for dining which our guide explained the difference between the actual last Supper and the Leonardo Da Vinci painting we are so used too seeing. You will have to come to the church for the message explaining this one.

Next we headed to Capernaum, Jesus home base for most of his ministry. Here we saw the remains of two cities, one on top of the other; the bottom layer was from the time of Jesus. This town was also leveled in the earthquake of 749 ad. It was here our guide explained to us the game the Roman guards were playing with Jesus as they mocked him. It was a game called Bazileo (spelling??) which means King.

Next we moved to the site of the Multiplication; the Feeding of the Five Thousand. As I have said before, the five thousand were just the amount of men because they usually counted heads of household in that time.

Then we went to Migdal or Magdalena., the city of Mary Magdalene. This was found just a few years ago when a builder was digging to set the foundation. There is the remains a synagogue here that Jesus did probably visit or taught from.

Then we went to Tiberius established in 18 AD named after Tiberius Caesar. They don’t believe Jesus ever entered this town because it was unclean until 500 or 600 AD. We saw a cemetery here and our guide told us that Jewish people are not buried in coffins. They are still to this day wrapped in spices and linen unless they are soldiers who died in wartime.

Tomorrow we finish in Galilee and "Set our face toward Jerusalem."

We ended our day with our remembrance of four baptism. Boy was the Jordan cold!

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