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Where in the World is Pastor Bob?

Currently, I am sitting on a balcony overlooking the Sea of Galilee. When I first thought of this, I thought this would be a great way to follow me, but it is not even close. There was way too much to see. This is very abbreviated

First stop today was Joffa or Joppa. This is the port city where Jonah got the call from God to head for Nineveh. It is now a suburb of Tel Aviv. It is also the place where Peter went to Simon the Tanner's house and the place where he received his vision of clean and unclean foods

Then we went to Mt Carmel. Those in our bible study talked about the battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Mt Carmel is where this took place.

.From there we went to Caesarea. Herod the Great built the port city of Caesarea and the ruins are now a national park. Here we could see the remains of the stadium where gladiators would fight and the coliseum which is still used for performances in the summer. There is also the remains of a pool by the sea for Herod’s palace.

Then we went to Megiddo. Here several forts were built one on top of each other for 8 different centuries. Our guide has been involved with several of these digs and showed us how they identified the different eras. We saw the place where the horses were stabled and saw the feeding troughs made out of stone. This is probably similar to the manger Jesus was laid in except it would be smaller (for sheep rather than horses. )

From there we walked down several stairs (I believe 123) to an aqueduct that was dug out of the sandstone bedrock to get water from outside to inside the fortress walls.

Our final stop was at Mount Tabor, the place of the Transfiguration of Christ. In the picture of the alter of the church, the glass plate in the floor is the summit of the mountain.

They are running us hard. See you tomorrow for my next post (actually in about an hour since this wouldn't load yesterday).

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